Logo Venetia Studium

The VENETIA STUDIUM style is expressed in the classical but always original elegance of all its products.
Its trademark summerizes the VENETIA STUDIUM philosophy and design: always using a wide range of fine fabrics in their hand production processes, but always remaining at the cutting edge with regards to new solutions and attention to detail.
VENETIA STUDIUM, quality as a synonym for elegance and good taste.

Venetia Studium holds the world exclusive for FORTUNY LAMPS. A prestigious name for lamps with a strong and intense identity. Each model has an appeal which evokes the past and stands out in the present, unmistakeable lamps, full of fascination. An exclusive brand, a unique name as a guarantee of quality and excellence.

VENETIA STUDIUM® and FORTUNY® are two faces of a single coin, two names coming together in an extraordinary cultural project reviving the elegance of early 20th century tastes in the design of lamps. Lamps are produced exclusively by Venetia Studium, the only company in the world entitled to use the trademark for lamps.