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Making of Studio 1907

We passionately wish for you to understand how we create all the products that we sell, for you to completely appreciate the beauty of each finished piece, not just in how it looks but in its exceptional quality.

Making of silk lamps

Only for love

Interview with Lino Lando, who refounded the Fortuny Atelier of Palazzo Orfei in Venice, continuing the handcrafted production of silks, velvets, lamps, clothing accessories and perfumes.

Arte TV Fortuny

La Venise des mille et une nuits de Mariano Fortuny

Among the dresses that captivate the narrator of Marcel Proust in “In Search of Lost Time”, the Delphos has stood the test of time. It is a creation of couturier Mariano Fortuny, an artist of Spanish origin. Alternately photographer, painter or scenographer, Mariano Fortuny nicknamed “the magician of Venice” became famous thanks to fashion, with a worldly and cosmopolitan clientele.