Château du Lort

The Château du Lort, built in the 17th century then restored and modified during the 18th and 19th centuries, commands a superb vineyard whose variety of terroirs reveals real wealth. Acquired in 1984 by the Castel family, the estate first underwent a first stage of renovation and upgrading. Extensive work was undertaken to provide the property with the best tools for the production, aging and conservation of wines. A magnificent tasting room was also created for this occasion. At the Château du Lort, the richness of history and the prestige of the architecture are matched only by the finesse of the Bordeaux wine

Interior decoration is the art of decorating spaces to give them a particular character, perfectly adapting to the existing architecture and to the tastes of customers. Frédérique Fournier uses her know-how and experience to meet the needs of her clients while taking into account the context and the place.

Fortuny glass Scudo Saraceno with metal ring and Cesendello arc-wall lamps @ Château du Lort

Location: Bordeaux, France
Project type: vineyard
Design: Frédérique Fournier
Photo: courtesy of Château du Lort