Bar Rouge

Drawing inspiration from a mix of Chinese and European, modern and traditional influences, the new interior creates an unique environment at the leading edge of global hospitality, taking the culture of modern clubbing and fusing it with Asian hospitality and service. By delivering on our promise to the Client we have firmly re-established Bar Rouge as the top club in Shanghai and have delivered a space for the next generation of local and international patrons to enjoy the truly unique Bar Rouge experience.

Having undergone several small-scale renovations during the past decade the client approached Kokaistudios to re-visit the project and undertake a complete 4 month renovation with the goal of re-vitalizing the Bar Rouge brand. The Client’s dream was to return Bar Rouge to the glamour and spirit of the original venue – a mystic, imaginary Shanghai combined with the highest international levels of vibrancy, music, and service – but adapted to the needs of the environment of today. An identity built around an imaginary Shanghai Lady 10 years later – more refined; more sophisticated; and as always charming and sexy. Kokaistudios’ design reimagines Bar Rouge as a fashion show, where guests criss-cross between the experience of front- and backstage of the red carpet.

All the decorative elements at Bar Rouge draw strong inspiration from the spirit of the catwalk, such as the flashbulb LED wall at the entrance, the series of bespoke sparkling director chairs, and the iconic Fortuny lamps hung as lighting umbrellas above the central red bar.

Fortuny Cupola lamps @ Bar Rouge, Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China
Project type: cocktail bar
Client: VOL Group
Design team: Kokaistudios
Chief Architects: Andrea Destefanis, Filippo Gabbiani
Design Manager: Kasia Gorecka
Design Team: Lianzhong Fu, Rake Wang, Alan Lau, Suju Kim, Ada Sun, Kinnan Gu
Photos: courtesy of Bar Rouge